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Keep the server high-performing with the help of expert Server Support

A server is actually a computer program that manages network resources or data for the whole network. In common parlance, the computer or device that runs the program is also called server and any help you can get from the Server Support experts available 24/7. In large enterprises, a dedicated computer is kept as a server while in many corporate houses the server computer may be used for different purposes. Due to various technical reasons, a server may dysfunction causing several problems in working in the whole system. In such situations, it is necessary to take help of the Server Support for fixing the issue at the earliest.

Different types of Servers & Server Support

Client-Server Model

Following are different kinds of Servers commonly used:

Web Servers

These are servers that deliver web pages. A web server possesses an IP address and a domain name. Whenever an internet user puts a web address in his browser, the browser contacts the server to bring the web page down to the computer.

Proxy Server:

The proxy server is placed on a user’s computer or network and a real web server. A proxy server stores many activities of millions of users and tries to accomplish the request of an internet user from its stored data. If it can’t, the request is passed to the real server.

Dedicated Server:

It is the server that serves only a certain network, as happens in an office or a large establishment like a bank or insurance company.

Application Server:

This is also called appserver which is frequently used in the business establishments where the volume of public transaction is too high. It eases any complex transaction system offering high-performance to both the customers and the company.

File Server:

It is a dedicated computer in a network that is responsible for the central storage and management of data important for the concerned organization.

Besides, some other types of servers are also known across the industries like cloud server, blade server, virtual server, policy server, and mail server. These servers have different purposes and applied in different situations & many people also query about Client-Server Model that is also very important factor. Depending on the infrastructure, working mode, business type, expected transactions daily or weekly, etc. Server Support experts ask to set up different server facilities or information about Client–Server Model in an office or organization so contact anytime 24/7 to get Server Support instantly.

Server Support Services

The server technical support can be used anytime for fixing any problem or updating the server system. Some important services offered by the expert Server Support are as follows:

  • Server repair and maintenance service.
  • Remote server upgrading and performance monitoring service.
  • Any network related problems including slowing down of the system, virus problem, system crash and data loss issues, etc.
  • Client-server model Information.

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